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Why Buy BB Guns


The Thompson gun or Thompson submachine gun is often associated with the Chicago mob of the 1920s and early 1930s. It was used by both law enforcement and criminals and is often depicted in movies about the Prohibition Era. The Thompson is also referred to as the “Tommy Gun” or “Chicago Typewriter”

Thompson gained increased noteriety during World War II as various Allied troops used the M1928A1, M1 and M1A1 versions of its submachine guns.

Today guns from both eras are very popular and collectible for gun afficionados. Likewise, replica airsoft guns from both historical periods are also very popular.

World War II battle re-enactments are a favorite with airsoft milsim participants, driving the demand for World War II era replica Thompson airsoft guns. The Thompson M1928A1, the M1 and the M1A1 are all available as airsoft replicas. Manufacturer, Cybergun, is the primary license holder for the Thompson brand of airsoft guns.

A World War II milsim event or an Al Capone, Chicago mob style shoot out, would not be complete without a Thompson airsoft submachine gun.

There is lots of potential fun to be had when you own Thompson airsoft guns, however one must remember that these are very powerful guns and should be used carefully. 

Beautifully detailed and improved models of Thompson airsoft guns are so popular that many places have run out and are waiting for more of these Thompson airsoft guns to be in stock. Therefore it is safe to assume that these guns are very popular as well as great and powerful to use.

There are many people who collect Thompson airsoft guns. In fact, there is a long history of Thompson airsoft guns that dates all the way back to 1921 when the very first manufactured model of Thompson airsoft guns appeared. These Thompson airsoft guns were developed and manufactured by Colt. There have since been many different new models—ever improving that many people can not wait to get their hands on for his or her collection.

The newest model, the 2006 Thompson airsoft gun licensed and trademarked by the Thompson Auto Ordinance. The model has wonderful detail that other models before it have never had. This particular type of Thompson airsoft guns is improved in the following ways:

1) The six hundred wind up round drum of a Thompson airsoft gun’s magazine will provide two hundred and forty rounds after you have wound up the maximum eight rotations.

2) Every rotation feeds thirty rounds.

3) You can lift the rear peep sight better than before (which means that this new model is better equipped for elevation.

4) These Thompson airsoft guns are absolutely accurate as they cab possibly be, with .2g bbs that will go up to approximately 100 feet.

5) These Thompson airsoft guns also come with an orange tip. This is primarily because real guns should not be confused with toy guns and therefore, toy guns do have a different look to them.

But nonetheless, Thompson airsoft guns are very dangerous and anyone using Thompson airsoft guns or any other type of bb gun. When a child plays with a Thompson airsoft gun—the child should be heavily monitored. Perhaps they will decide that this particular piece is not the air gun they want, perhaps something a bit safer?

Either way, the Thompson airsoft guns are a great idea for collectors, and for supervised use with children—but primarily with adults. All real steel Thompson airsoft guns are high quality construction. The barrel of the Thompson airsoft gun is ribbed for better cooling.

The history of Thompson airsoft guns notes that Thompson airsoft guns first became famous at the time of the nations prohibition, used by both police officers and mobsters or crime suspects. In films Thompson airsoft guns were a hit, they became an icon for the 1920s. However, it was nearly twenty years later when in both WWII and the Korean War the Thompson airsoft gun was actually used as a reliable, durable, dependable and extremely powerful weapon. 

Our M1 Thompson airsoft gun is a great replica of the type of gun used during WWII. Why not add this excellent M1 Thompson airsoft gun to your collection? You will love the way that M1 Thompson airsoft guns shoot. They are accurate and durable and simply one of the best guns on the market today!

As a matter of fact, the M1 Thompson airsoft gun is the exact type of gun that the soldiers used in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” as well as the HBO hit series “Band of Brothers”—and you could get a M1 Thompson airsoft gun too! This replica, the M1 Thompson airsoft gun, represents a piece of American history.

The M1 Thompson airsoft gun re-loads quickly—practice re-load times can be as fast as a mere five seconds. These guns are incredibly powerful—the velocity test results for the M1 Thompson airsoft gun available today yielded amazing results. The M1 Thompson airsoft gun has been declared a “sniper’s dream,” so it is especially good to purchase if you are working on your aim.

We have the best selection of Thompson airsoft guns at the lowest prices!

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