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UTG Heavy Duty Web Belt - Black
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A gun is not the only thing to bring to an airsoft battle. Some essential tactical gear is also required. Not only does it add to the look and ambience of the event, the gear also has purpose. Tops on the list is a pair of goggles or a face mask. Consider this a requirement in any event or venue for airsoft play. Eye protection is a must. A full face mask will provide ultimate face protection. There are a number of different styles and designs to bring out your individualism. On the downside, a full face mask does tend to get a bit hot and some complain about breathing impairment. Goggles are much less cumbersome, with better air flow, but leave portions of the face vulnerable.

If you are looking to carry a pistol as a secondary weapon, you will undoubtedly need a holster. There are a number of options. Belt holsters, shoulder holsters and leg holsters are some to choose from. Different styles are available for personal preference. Colors are typically black, army green, tan or camoflauge.

There are a number of good to have items to carry into battle; ammo, extra magazines, extra batteries, etc. Consider an ammo pouch, mag pouch or messenger bag to lug this stuff around. A good vest with a lot of pockets is an even better option for toting around those extras.

Before participating, make sure you have the necessary tactical gear to make the experience a more enjoyable one.

The use of airsoft guns for tactical training purposes has emerged as an effective training method for a number of organizations. Originating in Japan, around the mid to late 1970s, they were designed as replicas of actual firearms and became popular due to gun ownership restrictions in that country. Airsoft guns eventually spread throughout Asia, Europe and eventually the United States. While the original guns were spring-powered versions, today they are more sophisticated, utilizing battery power, CO2 or gas. Airsoft guns have become so realistic in look and feel that they are often times mistaken for the real thing. Because of this, they are ideal for training purposes.

Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs in standard weights typically ranging from .12g to .30g at velocities in the 300 to 400 feet per second range. With a pair of safety goggles or other eye protection, they are relatively harmless. This allows live tactical training to be conducted without the risk of injury.

Airsoft guns are available with realistic features such as drop free magazines for pistols, detachable magazines for assault style rifles, blowback action, double action/single action triggers, revolver shells, semi-automatic and fully automatic shooting. Some semi-automatic pistols even have field stripping procedures nearly identical to their real gun counterparts. Many models also have mounting rails for laser sights, flashlights, scopes and other accessories just like the real thing.

The use of semi-automatic airsoft pistols is by far the most common where tactical training is concerned. It is the gun most often handled by law enforcement and security personnel. Manufacturer KWA's line of PTP (Professional Training Pistol) and ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) airsoft pistols are marketed specifically for training purposes. There are others which offer similar realism, the Sig Sauer CO2 or Gas Blowback series, Walther CO2 or Gas Blowback and Beretta CO2 or Gas Blowback are a few. Airsoft guns, however, are not just limited to pistols. assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles are also commonly available as replicas.

Law enforcement agencies, security personnel and emergency response teams have increasingly adopted the use of airsoft guns in their tactical training scenarios for some of the reasons specified; realism, safety as well as relatively low cost. Hostage scenarios, room entry, rescue missions, single gunman, multiple gunmen, gunfire exchanges, field combat, urban combat, disaster scenarios and more. The list is endless. Airsoft guns are excellent tools for these simulation drills allowing for live practice.

In addition to tactical simulation, gun handling and marksmanship are also being taught with airsoft guns, as opposed to actual firearms, for the same reasons. For beginners, there is a comfort level in starting out with an airsoft gun as opposed to an actual firearm. The initial fear is minimized; no loud noise, no apprehensions, minimal recoil. Airsoft guns have become so realistic right down to the most basic features. Magazine insertion and removal, trigger function, use of the safety, field stripping and other procedures can be taught with the right airsoft gun. The similarities are not just limited to the size and weight.

Increasingly, airsoft facilities are expanding beyond airsoft game play. Many are now offering classes on shooting and gun handling as well as tactical training. On the flip side, firearm training facilities have also adopted the use of airsoft guns for their training as well. The average Joe can learn how to shoot and deal with crisis situations with an airsoft gun. The growing doomsday fear has created a whole new generation of people wanting to learn how to shoot and defend themselves against armed marauders. Some of these folks have turned to airsoft guns for training.

The use of airsoft guns for training is not just limited to tactical scenarios or instruction. It has also been adopted by some agencies as an alternative to live fire target practice. Spurred on by the high cost of ammo and shortages, airsoft guns are being used for basic target practice and obstacle course type target shooting. With the low cost of airsoft BBs, thousands of rounds can be fired for very little cost.

Airsoft guns are tailor made for tactical training and instruction. They look nearly identical to the real thing, offer similar functional features, are relatively safe to use and can mimic live fire practice, all this at a comparatively low cost.

We have the best selection of airsoft guns at the lowest prices!

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