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Red Ryder GunThe 1938 Daisy Red Ryder BB gun is undoubtedly the most well known and recognizable of all time. It is the gun synonymous with BB guns. The Red Ryder was designed to resemble rifles of the old west and its name was taken from an old cowboy comic strip which started in 1938. Daisy introduced the Red Ryder in 1940 and sells the same model today.

The Red Ryder reached legendary status, particularly after the 1983 move, A Christimas Story. In it, the central character, Ralphie Parker dreams of getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas but is repeatedly turned back with a reminder of its greatest danger. “You'll shoot your eye out.” In the end Ralphie gets what he wanted in addition to a close call from a BB ricochet. Intentional or not, the story writers did a good job of not only promoting the Red Ryder, but increasing awareness of BB gun hazards. since then, the Red Ryder has appeared in numerous movies and television shows further boosting its popularity.

The Red Ryder BB gun is still a very popular starter gun. Measuring about 36 inches in length and just over 2 lbs, it is small enough for younger shooters to handle with ease. The Red Ryder is a spring-piston, lever action rifle that shoots at a muzzle velocity of about 350 feet per second, just powerful enought to capture the attention of a beginner. It features a wood stock with a steel barrel giving it a realistic appearance. A saddle ring and leather thong provide a nice finishing touch.

If you are looking for a good starter BB gun or just an iconic piece of BB gun history, the Daisy 1938 Red Ryder is a must have!


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