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Why Buy BB Guns


Remember the ammo! You'll have so much fun shooting away, that you need to have a good supply of ammo on hand. We have all the ammo for your air gun needs; airsoft BBs, steel BBs, pellets. You name it, chances are we got it, great selection and great prices! Click on a desired category below.

When you need a great supply of virtually any type of bb gun ammo, we will be happy to help you make your selection. Stock up today because we sell bb gun ammo for great prices and in high quality condition. We sell the very best available bb gun ammo on the market, but we sell our bb gun ammo at great prices too!

You can count on us to supply you with only some of the highest quality BB gun ammo -- we know how cheap BB gun ammo can actually damage your gun. Keep your gun in great condition and your shots clean and smooth with our bb gun ammo.

We sell both plastic and metal bb gun ammo. We have bb gun ammo that can be used in a variety of guns. Basically, we really and truly have exactly what you want and what you need.

Once you have determined what kind of air gun to purchase, your next decision is what type of ammo to buy. There are basically three main types; plastic airsoft BBs, steel BBs and pellets. There are a number of variations within these three types.

If you've purchased an airsoft gun, you will need to get airsoft BBs. Airsoft BBs are spherical in shape, approximately 6mm in diameter and typically made of plastic. They can range in weight from 0.12g to around 0.43g. Standard weights are 0.12g, 0.20g, 0.25g and 0.28g. It is best to follow the manufacturer's recommended range regarding BB weight. Sometimes BBs that are too light or too heavy and may cause the airsoft gun to jam. Likewise, opt for quality airsoft BBs by name brand manufacturers. Lower quality airsoft BBs may also cause a gun to jam. Lighter weight airsoft BBs will travel at a higher velocity than heavier BBs. However, heavier BBs will be more stable and accurate at longer distances. There are other options available, as well, which are entirely up to the user to select. Biodegradable airsoft BBs are a good alternative for the environment, particularly for outdoor play. Tracer airsoft BBs glow in the dark and are used for night time or low light play. Airsoft BBs also come in a variety of colors with white being the most common.

If you've purchased a BB gun, you'll need 0.177 caliber steel BBs. Some air guns will shoot both BBs and 0.177 caliber pellets. Steel BBs can be used for these guns as well. Steel BBs are spherical in shape and come in only one caliber, 0.177 inches. They are typically coated in either copper or zinc to prevent rusting.

If you've purchased a pellet gun, you have a number of ammo options available to select from. First of all, the pellet caliber should match the caliber of the gun. Typical caliber sizes are 0.177, 0.20, 0.22, 0.25 and 9mm/0.357. Big bore rifles can run even larger. The general shape of the pellet is known as a “Diablo”, marked by a larger rounded head at the impact end sitting on a narrow waist and tapering out to the base end like a skirt. There are a number of variations available to the “Diablo” shape. Each has distinct qualities and are selected according to the expected application. They are described below:

  • Wadcutter - The Wadcutter is identified by its distinctive flat head, ideal for punching holes through paper or thin cardboard. It is typically used for target shooting and plinking.
  • Round Nose - As the name implies the Round Nose is rounded at the impact end. It offers the best combination of speed and stabilization over longer distances and packs quite a punch upon impact. The Round Nose is typically selected for hunting and pest control.
  • Pointed Nose - Also identifiable by name, the Pointed Nose is pointed at the impact end. It has the distinction of having the greatest penetration capability. They work best with low to standard velocity air guns and are typically used for hunting.
  • Hollow Point - The Hollow Point is designed to expand upon impact making it a lethal choice for pest control or close range hunting. At greater distances, however, they may not be as accurate.

Try smaller quantities at first and see what works best for you. Once you've determined what kind of ammo you need and found the ones to your liking, make sure you have a good supply. It will go fast when you're having fun.